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The Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) has initiated a project to create a chronology of key dates or milestones in Vancouver’s planning and development history.

The VCPC is an advisory body of volunteers appointed by Council with a broad mandate to consider and advise Council on matters relating to the future of Vancouver. The VCPC carries out this mandate through special projects such as conferences, competitions, presentations and research on a variety of topics including housing, public realm, transportation, public engagement and neighbourhoods. The VCPC’s backgrounders for these projects usually include a historical context.

The aim is to produce an authoritative and publicly accessible chronology that documents the milestones that had an impact on the city’s planning and development. The VCPC has convened an advisory group to help ensure that the chronology will be comprehensive, accurate and relevant, recognizing that it will not be possible to consider any version as complete or final.

Reflecting the public nature of the VCPC as a civic advisory body and the intent for the chronology to be publicly accessible, the project team set up a wiki as tool for gathering and organizing the information.

One of our partners in the project is the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, which has created a course on Vancouver’s History in which students will contribute to the project.

The chronology will be available for Commission projects, special events, research and public use.

Vancouver City Planning Commission website: http://vancouverplanning.ca/