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This page explains how to create new wiki page of the type 'Chronology-Milestones.'
For an example of this kind of page, go to: 1968 Council abandoned freeways plan.
For more information about posting material at this site, read the pages About this wiki.

About 'Milestone' Pages[edit]

Step 1: Create a new Milestone Name[edit]

  • The format for the title of a Chronology-Milestones page is: DATE + short descriptorExample: 1968 Council abandoned freeways plan
  • (If your title does not have this format, abandon it and create a new article with the title entered correctly in the search field on any page in this wiki. The wiki administrator will delete the abandoned article.)
  • The reason for placing the date (or date range) at the start is to generate a chronological list of milestones page, i.e., the Category:Chronology-Milestones page to be found at the Main Page of this wiki, that will list the entries in chronological order.

Step 2: Create a new Milestone Page[edit]

  • Create a new page by entering the exact title into the Search field at the top of any page in this wiki.
  • You will be informed that "There were no results matching the query".
  • Accept the invitation to create the page by clicking on the name.

Step 3: Apply 'Milestone' Page Template[edit]

  • At the new page you have just created, you will see an editing box in which to enter your text.
  • In a separate browser window, go to the the 'Milestone' Page Template
  • In the EDIT mode, select and copy all the Template text
  • Go back to the Milestone page you have created, and paste the headings into the blank editing box.
  • You are now ready to enter your desired text under the headings provided with the template.
  • Follow the guidelines for the template headings provided below.

Step 4: 'Milestone' Page Template Headings[edit]

Contents Box[edit]

  • The Contents Box is generated automatically by the wiki.

Milestone Tags[edit]

Urban planning | Built form | Land use | Development | Politics & governance | Transportation | Infrastructure | Institutions | Demographics | Economy | Events | Region | Senior governments | People | Vancouver City Planning Commission

  • The above list of possible tags for your milestone are provided in the template.
  • Delete the tags that do not apply to this milestone.
  • These tags will be used in future classification of the milestones in timelines and lists.

Do not modify these tags - they were created by the project editorial team.
However, feel free to suggest additional tags under the Discussion heading


  • All information descriptive of this milestone should be aggregated under this head, organized as the contributors find appropriate.
  • Where possible, please include: date, location, names of people involved.
  • A source should be provided for every statement about a milestone, with detail shown under Sources including a link to the wiki page (article) about the source item.


  • The content under this heading responds to the question: Why does this occurrence constitute a milestone in Vancouver's planning and development history?
  • For guidelines on deciding if an event or other occurrence should be proposed as a milestone, see What is a Milestone


  • This heading is intended for discussion about the occurrence, including debates about its significance.


  • Sources for statements made under Description and Significance should be listed here, with links to their pages in this wiki.
  • There should be a wiki page created for every source listed.
  • For assistance in creating links and numbered references, read about: Links and Citations.