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This page explains how to create new wiki page of the type 'Chronology-Sources.'
For an example of this kind of page, go to: Harcourt, Mike and Ken Cameron with Sean Rossiter (Paradise).
For more information about posting material at this site, read the pages About this wiki.

About 'Source' Pages[edit]

  • The intention is to create one page (article) on this wiki for each major Source referred to in identifying Milestones in the Chronology of Milestones in Vancouver's Planning and Development History, to provide an online space to aggregate notes on the kinds of milestones described in each source, with links to the pages created for each Milestone.
  • The Source is also a place to include links to other useful online references to the source.

Step 1: Create a new Source Page Name[edit]

  • The format for the title of a Source article is: Author's name + (Title Keyword) — Example: Harcourt, Mike and Ken Cameron with Sean Rossiter (Paradise)
  • (If your title does not have this format, abandon it and create a new article with the title entered correctly in the search field on any page in this wiki. The wiki administrator will delete the abandoned article.)
  • The reason for using the author(s)' names as the title of the article is to generate a table of contents page, i.e., the Category:Chronology-Bibliography page to be found at the Main Page of this wiki, that will list the entries alphabetically by author.
  • The reason for including a keyword from the title at the end of the page title is to be able to distinguish different publications by the same author)s).

Step 2: Create a new Source Page[edit]

  • Create a new page by entering the exact title into the Search field at the top of any page in this wiki.
  • You will be informed that "There were no results matching the query".
  • Accept the invitation to create the page by clicking on the name.

Step 3: Apply 'Source' Page Template[edit]

  • At the new page you have just created, you will see an editing box in which to enter your text.
  • In a separate browser window, go to the the 'Source' Page Template
  • In the EDIT mode, select and copy all the Template text
  • Go back to the Source page you have created, and paste the headings into the blank editing box.
  • You are now ready to enter your desired text under the headings provided with the template.
  • Follow the guidelines for the template headings provided below.

Step 4: 'Source' Page Template Headings[edit]

Contents Box[edit]

  • The Contents Box is generated automatically by the wiki.

Source Title[edit]

  • As the heading for this section, provide the full title of the source in the format: 'Title': Name of publicationExample: Title: City Making in Paradise: Nine Decisions that Saved Vancouver
  • Beneath the heading (i.e.,the Title of the source), enter the publishing information using MLA Citation Style [1]Example: Douglas & McIntyre. Vancouver, BC. 2007. 220 pp.
  • ISBN (optional): Add ISBN to create automatic link to online purchase sites.

Milestone Tags[edit]

Urban planning | Built form | Land use | Development | Politics & governance | Transportation | Infrastructure | Institutions | Demographics | Economy | Events | Region | Senior governments | People | VCPC

  • The template provides the above of list of possible tags for types of milestone identified in the source.
  • Delete the tags that do not apply to milestones mentioned in the source..
  • These tags will be used in future classification of the milestones in timelines and lists.

Do not modify these tags - they were created by the project editorial team.
However, feel free to suggest additional tags under the Discussion heading

Content Summary[edit]

  • The intent of this section is to provide a useful summary of milestones referred to in the source and related content.
  • The organization of this summary is at the contributors' discretion, and will depend on the organization of the publication.
  • Be sure to respect copyright regulations.
  • For examples, view Source pages already created here.

Links to other online pages about this source[edit]

  • Include the title of the web page or article providing a summary or review for source and the link.


  • This heading is intended for discussion about the source.