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My name is Alissa Rogova. I am currently in my 4th year at the University of British Columbia, majoring in Geography and focusing in the Environment and Sustainability Stream. The stream of geography I am focusing allows me the opportunity to balance my studies between physical geography, human geography and cartography (ie. ArcGIS). During my degree, I have narrowed my interests to urban geography. My academic studies and research have included courses in urban design, architecture, and urban planning. Some of these courses were taken while on exchange at the National University of Singapore, which has a well recognized Department of Architecture in its School of Design and Environment. My involvement in the City of Vancouver has ranged from participating in public hearings, such as the Oakridge Redevelopment Project, to the international youth run organization AIESEC, which facilitates student internships between students and companies across the world. For this course, my preferred area of focus would be the development of transportation in Vancouver, specifically the introduction and development of the streetcar system. Previously, I have done some research on the development of Vancouver due to the changes in transportation methods; mainly the societal shift from light railway trains to automotive buses. I would be very interested in delving deeper in the original history or the Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Company. The transportation system essentially set up the grid network, which is currently in place, as well as the foundation for the original communities that came into being. This dynamic between transit and the “original” Vancouver set up the platform for the city we know today and I am interested in personally better understanding it as well as open up that history to the public. Vancouver has a very unique dynamic between its residents and its physical growth. To understand this dynamic, it is vital to understand the chronological history of Vancouver’s foundation. The City of Vancouver is unique and the best way to understand it is to start the story from the beginning.