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Audrey Schalhoub is a contributor to milestone pages and knowledge of the indigenous peoples and their relationship with the land previous to the arrival of the first European settlers and the development of their settlements in what is commonly recognized today as "Vancouver". In collaboration with VCPC and other students enrolled in the ENDS482 course at the University of British Columbia, her role was to help identify and arrange the initial contents of the Vancouver City Planning Commission wiki in addition to setting the groundwork for future research partnerships with First Nations communities and organizations in Vancouver.

She was born in the city of Westerly, Rhode Island in the United States of America, spent the first 10 years of her life in East Lyme, Connecticut, and the next 9 years in the Central District of Hong Kong SAR. In 2011 she completed high school at Hong Kong International School, and continued on to higher education at the University of British Columbia with a multidisciplinary focus on Physical and Human Geography. From her life experiences and travels along major trade networks and gateway cities in from Europe to Asia, she was inspired to pursue geography, the study of places and their physical and cultural features.

Her integrated studies in human and biophysical systems allow her to recognize and appreciate the complex and interconnected relations in neighborhoods to cities, regions, and across the globe. Topics in human geography that interest her include social and feminist theory, open data and data management, citizen science, strategic planning and development for urban growth, policy making, democratic governance structures, and bureaucratic organizations and management models. At a nexus, the aforementioned topics meet with topics in physical geography -- where the social, economic, and political aspects of places are connected to knowledge in ecological and geological sciences.