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This page is the guide for contributors to this wiki on creating or editing content, and provides terms of use.

Register as a Contributor: Create an Account[edit]

Contributions to the Chronology wiki are welcome from anyone who supports the goals and intent of the Chronology project and who registers as a contributor by creating an account.

  • To create an account, follow the directions at the 'Create Account' link at the top right of the page.
  • To be a fully registered Contributor, you must show your real name as your User name and provide your email address, which will not be disclosed online.
  • Contributors are requested to create a personal wiki page with a short bio that describes the contributor's relevant background.
  • To create a bio page, follow the directions for creating a new page with their name as the title in the form: Firstname Lastname AND include the following tag at the end of their page in order for their name to be listed on the Main Page as a Contributor:
  • Contributors should be logged in when editing the wiki. Although anyone can edit a wiki page, anonymous posts may be removed.

About the VCPC Chronology Wiki[edit]

  • This wiki relates to a project initiated by the Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC) in 2014 to prepare a chronology of milestones in the planning and development history of Vancouver.
  • The project attracted enthusiastic supporters and volunteers and led to the convening of an advisory group.
  • Later, the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture organized a course in which students would conduct research on Vancouver’s history to provide data for the chronology.
  • As information began to accumulate and the number of participants began to grow, it became clear that a system for organizing the information was needed. This wiki is the result.

Organization of the Chronology Wiki[edit]

The appeal and power of a wiki as a knowledge bank derives from its function as an aggregator of articles that can located by searches, without the necessity of organizing them into a coherent structure. As the nature of a wiki is to be a crowd-sourced website, we have introduced a simple structure for organizing the pages and their contents that will produce data directly usable to generate the chronology, as well as some guidelines for posting to the wiki in order to adapt this capacity to serve the Chronology project.

There are two categories of pages intended to contain the content provided by contributors:
1. Milestone pages, with a page dedicated to each milestone, and a standardized format for each page.
2. Sources pages, with a page dedicated to each item, and a standardized format for each page.

The pages in these categories are listed in numerical (Milestones) or alphabetical (Sources) order in a contents page that is automatically generated by the insertion of a category code into each page (article). Their usefulness will depend on the consistent application of the format guide for creating the titles of the bibliography and milestone pages (see templates).

In addition to these primary categories of pages, there are two additional categories:
3. SALA Chronology course pages, for the use of the SALA course participants to collect materials gathered or generated within the course, such as lectures, reports and papers, and the course syllabus. Pages are to terminate with the category tag: - Category: UBC SALA History Course 2015 Winter – contained within square brackets.
4. VCPC Chronology Project pages, for the use of the VCPC team compiling the chronology, to post project information and updates. Pages are to terminate with the category tag: - Category: VCPC Chronology Project Outline– contained within square brackets.

It is expected that this wiki will evolve over time.

Moderation of the Wiki[edit]

As the intent of the Chronology project was from the outset to create a resource that would be for public access and benefit, a public wiki was selected as the repository for the working documents and materials. As with the Wikipedia on which this wiki is based, the Chronology wiki will be a moderated environment. A project editorial team will review the contents ensure that the style and guidelines are being followed.

About the Contributors[edit]

The primary contributors to this wiki will be the active members of the Chronology project group, which includes VCPC Commissioners, community volunteers and students. However, everyone is welcome to contribute their knowledge to the Chronology project.

About Wiki[edit]

  • About the creation, philosophy and founder of the Wiki:
  • For MediaWiki FAQs:

Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use[edit]

  • Contributions that do not meet the guidelines for the wiki will be modified or deleted.
  • This wiki observes copyright laws and conventions, and contributors who violate copyright will have their material removed and may even have their IP banned at this website. (See Copyrights)
  • Contributors who repeatedly disregard the guidelines will have their IP addresses blocked.


Question not answered in this wiki may be directed to the email address at the Main Page of this wiki.