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Emily Huang is one of the many contributors to the Vancouver City Planning Commission Chronology project. Her era that she is contributing to is 1926 to 1950.

Emily was born and raised in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver. Since her childhood, most of her lived experience was situated in Coquitlam. Emily went to school in Coquitlam, volunteered in Coquitlam, and spent a majority of her time and involvement in Coquitlam. As a result, she rarely was involved in Vancouver. However, Emily did have numerous extracurricular activities in Vancouver that she would travel to by car. As a result, she paid very little attention to her surrounding environment. Through Emily's travels within Canada and internationally to places such as Thailand, she become curious and interested in how people's built environment have a significant influence on their lives and social interactions. As a Human Geography student, she has focused much of her studies in urban and social geography, and community studies.

Emily's time outside of school includes blogging and volunteering for the Vancouver Public Space Network. This allow her to write about topics that are happening in the City, her travel experiences, as well as being able to integrate and lend some of her ideas from her school work onto the blog as well. Being a volunteer of VPSN allows Emily to learn more about the City and be part of a community of people who advocate for public spaces. She is interested in social and urban geography, planning for a multicultural city, community and neighbourhood planning, as well as social uses of public space (i.e.: the blur between privatized and non privatized public space). Emily is interested in various city plans and decisions that have or would have affected and shaped the city of Vancouver and its built form. She is also interested in the development of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods and its land use - from bare land to rapidly developed industrial and residential land that have social consequence or benefits.