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Title: Island in the Creek: The Granville Island Story[edit]

Harbour Publishing. Madera Park, B.C. 1988. 96 pp.

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Content Summary[edit]


Catherine Gourley surveys the history of Vancouver's Granville Island from before it existed in 1859 through to its most recent transformation into a unique, mixed-use destination. In 1916, Granville Island was constructed atop the mudflats of False Creek, and became an important industrial site within the city. After World War II the island became an eyesore with many problems, and in the 1970s started to undergo a transition away from its former industrial uses. Care was taken to retain the industrial character of Granville Island when creating the vibrant mix of occupants and buildings that use the site today.


1. In The Beginning
2. False Creek Face-off
3. Island in the Creek
4. Heyday: 1920 to 1940
5. War Effort
6. Eyesore
7. Renaissance
8. Design & Rebuilding
9. Today

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