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Title: Vancouver[edit]

Collier-Macmillan Canada, Ltd., Don Mills, Ontario, 1974. 214 pages

Milestone Tags[edit]

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Vancouver is specifically about the urban geography of Vancouver, it provides a history of the past, the present and the future urban growth of the City. This book provides local case studies that are specific to the urban growth of Vancouver. Hardwick provides a good overview of the Vancouver's city planning. This includes overviews, but are not limited to the various zones of transition, the changing land use policies and its effect on the social implication of Vancouver's neighborhoods, as well as the suburbs of Vancouver. It reinforces that the city planning model of America is inappropriate and not helpful when looking at the context of Canadian city planning, especially with Vancouver. Furthermore, Hardwick also highlights the importance of public participation in the planning process and reinforces the importance of planning at the local, neighbourhood scale. The end of the book reminds of us of the challenges Vancouver will face in the future and reminds us of the importance of good planning strategies so that our natural and built environment will be sustained.

Content Summary[edit]

Preface (4 pages)
1 Resource Town to Urban Region
2 Accommodation to Change
3 Downtown
4 The Zone of transition
5 Residential Geography: Old Suburbs
6 Residential Geography: The Ring -- New Suburbs
7 The Rurban Invasion of Exurbia
8 The Port of Southwestern British Columbia and the Maritime Shorelines
9 We Govern Ourselves
10 The Post-Industrial Challenge

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