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Manali Yadav is a Master of Urban Design candidate at the University of British Columbia. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from India, and has worked as an architect and interior designer for 3 years in Mumbai, India. Immediately prior to joining UBC, she was a Harvard University Sustainable Community Leader, and she is on track to receive professional certification in Sustainability & Environmental Management from the Harvard University Extension School.

Manali is greatly interested in analyzing urbanization trends, understanding the complex, interconnected processes that keep cities functioning, and learning about effective urban development and revitalization strategies. She has also extensively studied urban informalities and issues related to the formation of new arrival cities, and has visited and researched informal urban settlements in India, Brazil and Colombia. She aspires to systematically study the co-evolution of formal and informal cities.

Manali Yadav is one of the contributors to the Vancouver city planning commission’s chronology project for the 2011 and onward era.