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Title: Vancouver: An Illustrated History[edit]

Roy, Patricia. Vancouver: An Illustrated History. Toronto: Lorimer, 1980.

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The book provides a brief history of the City of Vancouver, beginning in 1886 and concluding in 1779. It is by no means a comprehensive look into Vancouver’s history, but does an admirable job tracing the major events that have helped to define the city. Unfortunately the author is unable to go into great detail for most events, as the book is too-far reaching for that kind of detail. However, the book is a great starting point for further exploration. This is noted towards the end of the book with suggestions for further reading. Vancouver: An Illustrated History, separates the history of Vancouver into four parts. The first part is from 1886-1897, and discusses the city’s beginnings and foundations. Following is the city’s boom period, 1897-1912. The depression and consolidation of municipalities is from 1913-1979. The book concludes with the period from 1939-1979, describe as the maturation of the Vancouver.

This book is part of The History of Canadian Cities Series. The series was a project of the History Division of the National Museum of Man, one of Canada’s national museums. The project originated in 1977, and at the time of publishing, books on Winnipeg and Calgary preceded the Vancouver book.


1. List of Maps

2. List of Tables

3. Foreword: The History of Canadian Cities Series

4. The Photographers

5. Introduction “By Sea and Land We Prosper”


1. Laying the Foundations, 1886-1897

2. The City Booms

3. Depression and Consolidation; 1913-1939

4. The maturing City, 1939-1979


1. Statistical Tables

2. Notes

3. A Note on Sources and Suggestions for Further Reading

4. Index

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