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This page proves tips on the basic styles and formatting described in the page creation templates for this wiki.
Further information is available here: Editing MediaWiki

Create New Page (aka Article)[edit]

  • Decide on the name of the page, following the style outlined in the templates for the page types: bibliography or milestone.
  • Enter the name of the page into the Search field at the Main Page of the wiki exactly as the title is to appear.
  • Click Search.
  • The Search result will state that the page does not exist and offer to create the page.
  • Accept the offer to create a new page by clicking on the title.
  • Copy the template for the type of page into the new empty page, and proceed to over-write and populate with your information, following the directions in the template.

Change Page Name[edit]

  • Names of pages cannot be changed.
  • To solve the problem of an incorrect page title, create a new page with the correct title.
  • The wiki administrator will delete the incorrectly title page in due course.

Contents Box[edit]

A contents box for a page, with links to the subheads on the page, is automatically generated by the wiki.

Text Formatting – buttons in menu bar[edit]

A few formatting buttons are provided in the ‘edit’ mode at the top of the page (e.g., bold, italics). All other formatting requires the insertion of computer code.

Text Formatting – custom[edit]

For a shortcut to finding the code you need, find an example of the result you want, and copy the code from within the 'Edit' view of a page.


Start the line with * followed by a space.

Paragraphs or Line Breaks[edit]

To force a line break, or new paragraph, in a block of text, insert the following symbol:


Insert = sign before and after the word/phrase, and separated from the word/phrase by a space. The font size decreases as the number of = signs increases.


Square brackets are used to create links and hyperlinks:

  • [URL]: the URL is displayed as a functional link
  • [URL + space + name]: the name is displayed as a functional link to the URL
  • If the link is to a page within the wiki and the name to be displayed is the title of the page, enclose the exact page title within double square brackets.

For more information about links:

Notes: Citations and Sources[edit]

This wiki follows the MLA citation style. To create ‘footnotes,’ follow the directions on this Media Wiki page, or replicate the code from a suitable page at this wiki, such this Milestones page for the year 1968.

Images, Documents, Media Uploads[edit]

  • The wiki allows upload of many files types including: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, docx, xls, doc, xlsx, pdf, mp3
  • Maximum file size is 64 MB (subject to change).
  • To upload a file, click on the Upload file link in the left sidebar (and note the hyperlink name assigned to the file).
  • To embed the file into your page:
    • Insert the line break code (see above).
    • Click on the 6th button from the left in the row of buttons at the top of the editing box. (Float your mouse over the button and the title 'embedded file' will appear.)
    • The following text will appear where you placed your cursor:
    • Replace the file name 'Example.jpg' with the name of your image (in hyperlink format).
    • Insert another line break code.


The wiki will automatically link an ISBN to online sources to purchase the item.