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Linking to other pages at this wiki[edit]

The first thing that we are looking at is how to link to another wiki page at this site.

Here is the name of a page in double brackets: Wiki Development

You will see the name of the page and it is a link to that page.

But what if you want to have that link, but not that text, you want something else? The double bracket does not work. The clever solution is The Piped Link inside double brackets. The next line is an example of it.

After the destination page there is a pipe symbol, then some words, in this case to take you to the Wiki Development page.

The obvious solution is to use a single square bracket and begin with the URL of the destination page. It could be on this wiki, or any URL on the Internet. Leave a space and type the words that the browser will see. Conclude by closing the square bracket. You will see that the link above and the link below take the browser to exactly the same place. A difference between this method and The Piped Link is that this link will add the symbol to indicate this is a URL that may lead to another web site. Below is an example.

This is a page that records and illustrates the changes made to this MediaWiki site, including the coding changes to files at the related FTP site.

All the linking possibilities at MediaWiki[edit]

Help:Links at MediaWiki.