Vancouver: From Milltown to Metroplois

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Title: [Vancouver: From Milltown to Metroplois)[edit] Alan Morley, Vancouver, Canada, Mitchell Press Limited, 1961

Milestone Tags[edit] | Built form | Land use | Development | Infrastructure | Institutions | Demographics | Economy | Events | Region |

Content Summary[edit] An overview of Vancouver's story from 1774 to 1963 based on the author's understanding of the city. The publication was completed with the assistance of the city's archivist: James S. Matthews and material that was accumulated by students who lived in Vancouver during it's earlier years. [edit]

Chapter 1: The Finding Chapter 2: Closing In Chapter 3: The Potter Chapter 4: Timber r r r Chapter 5: Gastown Chapter 6: The Quiet Years Chapter 7: Into the World Chapter 8: Holocaust Chapter 9: From the Ashes Chapter 10: Boom and Bust Chapter 11: The Golden Years Chapter 12: King and Country Chapter 13: The Dizzy Decade Chapter 14: Rock Bottom Chapter 15: The Metropolis Chapter 16: The Commercial Framework Chapter 17: The Realm of Sport Chapter 18: Here Stands the City

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